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"highly recommend them!"

We are very happy we have chosen Ayelet and Sarit to be our agents. They were very professional, responsible, friendly, available, patient and easy to work with. And they were exceptional in dealing with the seller's agent and closing the deal! I highly recommend them!

- Suzana F.

"went above and beyond"

Sarit and Ayelet went above and beyond to help us. They took our situation personaly and were available 24/7 for us. Ultimately they helped us find a home and close it in a short period of time.

- Oriel B.

"way above the listing price"

Love working with these two amazing agents, very professional and dedicated. Sold my condo in Santa Clara after a week on the market with multiple offers, way above the listing price.

- Guy B.

"great team."

Ayelet and Sarit are the most patient and experienced realtors I could ever hope for. I thought we would never be able to find our dream home in Silicon Valley on our budget-but they made it happen. Our entire experience from beginning to end was all positive. I highly recommend this great team.

- Talia S.

"listened closely to my needs and desires"

Sarit and Ayelet helped me buy a house in Sunnyvale. They listened closely to my needs and desires and helped me find the perfect match. They showed me options and fought hard for me to get the house for the best price. They are some of the hardest working real estate agents.

- Sarit H.


Ayelet and Sarit, have been taking care of my property for over 4 years and have been fantastic! They took care of listing the property, finding amazing tenants and on going maintenance

- Ilan K.

"Sela RE Team was VERY professional"

Sarit and Ayelet from the Sela RE Team was VERY professional and helped us land the home that was a perfect fit for us in the tough Silicon Valley market. The Sela Team stood out in understanding market trends (how "hot" will next month be compared to today?), insider connections with other realtors, and understanding pitfalls to avoid. They even suggested we back off a few houses that weren't a good fit, providing a good objective 3rd party view. But once it was time to close, they worked aggressively and diligently to make sure we get the deal, and get it done in a timely manner. Two years later, we're very happy with the decision and can only thank the team for helping make it happen!

- Amir H.

"applied their knowledge and experience"

Ayelet and Sarit are the best agent so far we have experienced in the bay area. They applied their knowledge and experience to help us buy our home with great terms. They have very good vision in how to maximize the potential of the property. I would like recommend them as your agents if you are still looking.

- O.R.

"Hard working, smart and honest"

Hard working, smart and honest. They helped me to buy the right home for my family. Ayelet gave me a good understanding on the macro level, and after we narrow it down to the right house, Sarit was doing great job on the micro level, negotiating the price and more.

- Avish G.

"The most amazing realtors in the Silicon Valley!"

The most amazing realtors in the Silicon Valley! Went above and beyond to help us understand the process ,and even read with us every document and every email. 100 % The best personal , honest and professional realtor service you will ever can get

- Idit

"They both make a great team."

I am a first time home owner with a lot of questions/doubts regarding the process. But Ayelet made it quite simple and easy to understand for us. She is very thorough in her work, quick responsive, and very honest! At the same time she is not pushy which most of the realtors are. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy home and are first timers like us. She will surely go above and beyond to make it easy for you!! We loved working with her and will be our go to person for anything related to property! They both make a great team. Wishing you the best Ayelet and Sarit!!

- Vini B.

"Sarit and Ayelet were so great!!"

Sarit and Ayelet were so great!! We worked close with Sarit over many months to find the right home for us. Over those months, we developed a great relationship with her and sought her counsel as we navigated this very unpredictable time for housing market. She was never short of solutions for us or ways to strengthen our offer, and always patient and understanding of our choice to move forward or not move forward with making an offer on a home. She wanted the best for us and made our priorities her priorities. In the end, we truly found the perfect home for us and I know that it because of Sarit guidance, commitment and doing everything above and beyond!!. Sarit is not only a trustworthy and knowledgeable realtor, but a great, easy-going person to go through this stressful process with. I will continue to recommend her, and whenever the day comes that we decide to move again, she will be the first person we contact to sell our home and find a new one.

- San Jose Client

"excellent knowledge of the area"

We've known Sarit since we relocated to the Bay Area, Sarit always helped us with questions and advices, and she did all that with smile and always very professionally. Sarit's team have an excellent knowledge of the area of Sunnyvale .

- David O.

"going above and beyond"

Working with Sarit and Ayelet was a great experience. They are seasoned, professional and are going above and beyond for their clients. We had to move to Seattle WA and needed to sell our house in Los Gatos. Sarit & Ayelet took care of everything we needed to get the house sold without the need to be present. Yet we were involved in every key decision, and were abreast of every development by electronic means, for our ultimate convenience. They did everything they could to make the process as painless as possible for us, and delivered the ultimate result - an excellent price.

- Laly R.

"Great home buying experience"

Ayelet guided us throughout the entire process, from loan prequalifcation to searching for houses to making the offer and closing the deal. We credit Ayelet with a smooth, stress-free home-buying experience. This was our 1st purchase of a property in the US, and Ayelet was very helpful with walking us through the process by explaining each step before we move forward. Ayelet knows the market inside and out and is also very familiar with the process including managing unexpected scenarios that came up. We never could have gotten such a property without her service and close support. To reiterate, we are very pleased with Ayelet and her expertise and we recommend her to everyone.


"Timely closing of large escrow"

Dear Ayelet, Just a quick note to say thanks for making the Lage escrow close on time (actually a day early). It’s hard to find a Realtor who does what they say. I just wanted to say thanks again! Nice job. I do a lot of real estate business in Santa Clara County so hopefully, our paths will cross again.


"Reliable and Trustworthy"

Sarit is very personable, reliable and trustworthy. She thinks outside of the box and will try her very best to fight to get the best deal for you. She is very responsible and responsive to your wants and needs.


"Great Job in Market Comparisons"

Ayelet has been my real estate agent for close to a year already, amidst the huge confusion of today’s real estate market Ayelet has proved to be a real professional and an expert, very knowledgeable and very detail oriented. More importantly, in a sea of real estate agents of questionable integrity she is an island of trustworthiness and reliability. I am hoping to use her as my real estate agent for many years to come.


"Very responsive, knowledgeable and professional"

Great team. Very responsive, knowledgeable and professional. Gave us excellent support all the way through. Their ideas how to stage our house were very helpful. We managed to sell within 4 days with multiple offers.

- Nora W.

"really great experience"

Me and my mom had a really good experience for the process of buying a house with Ayelet and Sarit and their team! They are very knowledgeable of the real rate market, very pleasant to communicate with, and they did their part in a very timely manner! When we had questions, they took their time to answer them very patiently, and if they couldn’t provide us with an answer, they will make sure to gather all the information and give us the answer right away. The communication between all the parties involved in the real estate transaction was very fast and efficient thanks to them. We purchased the property in a very short time and at the price we wanted it. Overall, we had a really great experience with Ayelet and Sarit and their team! I totally recommend them!

- Bianca

"were very knowledgeable"

It's not our first property, but a first property in US. Ayelet and Sarit were very knowledgeable in every possible aspects: - market trends - possible neighborhoods for us - school aspects in each district - mortgage lender connections, we got very attractive rate - different properties types we could consider we will definitely use their services in the future and willing to recommend.

- Happy Client